Saturday, April 13, 2019

Annual account statement and correction

deposits if any will be treated as unauthorized  and no interest will be allowed.
Annual Accounts Statement (Credit Card)
After the close of each financial year, the Accountant General sends to each subscriber an Annual Accounts Statement showing the opening balance as on the 1st April of the year, the total amount deposited and withdrawn during the year, amount of interest credited as on 31st March of the year and the closing balance on that date.  Subscribers have to satisfy themselves as to the correctness of the Credit Cards and errors  should be brought to the notice of the Accountant General within three months of receipt of the same.
Missing Credits
At times, schedules/vouchers are not received from the Treasuries for various reasons and as a result some of the subscriptions/refunds/arrears/withdrawals do not get posted in the account. These missing credits/debits can be located and included in the subscriber’s account after proper verification of the accounts rendered to this Office by the drawing and disbursing officers/treasuries subject to furnishing the following details duly certified by the Drawing and Disbursing Officers in the case of Non-Gazetted subscribers and by the Treasury Officers in the case of Gazetted subscribers.
·          Name of the Subscriber
·          GPF Account number
·          Name of the DDO under whom serving
·          Amount of subscription/refund/withdrawal
·          Salary month for which details are being furnished
·          Head of Account (up to Detailed Head) under which salary was drawn
·          Treasury/Sub Treasury where the salary was drawn
·          Treasury voucher number/challan number
·          Totals of the schedule amount enclosed in the particular voucher as noted on the abstract  in case of credit.
·          Date of payment of the voucher/remittance of the amount in the case of challan remittance
·          Total amount of the GPF payment voucher (in the case of advances)

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