Saturday, April 13, 2019

Conditions for GPF eligibility

Conditions for Eligibility
 The following categories of staff of the Govt.of Kerala are eligible to join the Fund:
  v      All permanent employees of any pensionable service
  v      All probationers in any service who will be made full members of the service on due completion of their period of probation.
  v      All temporary, acting and officiating members of any service on completion of one year’s service. 
   v      All part-time contingent employees of any service on completion of one year’s service. 
Temporary, acting and officiating members who have not completed one year’s service can also be admitted to the Fund if they apply for it in writing.
A subscriber has to file a nomination in the prescribed form at the time of joining the Fund.  If the subscriber has a family at the time of filing the nomination, the nomination cannot be in favour of any person(s) other than the member(s) of his family.  The nomination made by a subscriber who is not married shall become in valid on his getting married.  If a subscriber nominates more than one person, he has to specify in the nomination the amount of share payable to each of the nominees in such a manner as to cover the whole of the amount that may stand to his credit in the Fund at any time.  The responsibility of scrutiny, acceptance and safe custody of the nominations filed by Non-Gazetted Officers vests with Head of Office whereas the nominations of Gazetted subscribers are kept by the Accountant General.  In the case of the promotees from Non-Gazetted service, Heads of Offices have to transfer the nomination to the Accountant General only on their substantive promotion to Gazetted cadre. A subscriber can cancel a nomination by sending a notice in writing to the Head of Office/Accountant General along with a fresh nomination.

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