Saturday, April 13, 2019

GPF introduction

General Provident Fund

The Accountant General (A&E) maintains the individual GPF accounts of nearly 3.7Lakh employees of the Kerala State Government, High Court Judges and All India Service Officials working in Kerala as per the rules and procedures contained in the GPF (K) Rules 1964 and AIS (PF) Rules 1955 respectively. 
The State Gevernment have introduced Provident Fund Scheme for the Part Time Contingent Employeess (KPTCE PF) with effect from 17.03.2005; the maintenance of the fund is entrusted with the Accountant General(A&E). Admission to the Fund started in November 2007.
The Provident Fund Group in the Office is headed by an IA & AS Officer in the rank of Deputy Accountant General.
Constitution of the Fund
The GPF for full time employees is constituted with effect from 1st April 1964. The GPF for Part-time contingent employees (KPTCEPF) is constituted with effect from 17.03.2005.
 The Funds are maintained in Indian Rupees.

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