Group Insurance Scheme
Application Form (Form GIS - A)
Memorandum (Form No. 1) for New Members
Memorandum (Form No. 2) for Change in Group
List of Members Joined in the Scheme (Form GIS - C)
Nomination Form for Unmarried Employees (Form GIS - 6)
Nomination Form for Married Employees (Form GIS - 7)
Register of Members (Form No. 8)
Register for Watching the Recovery of Subscription towards GIS from members on LWA, Suspension, Deputation, etc. (Form GIS - E)
Application to Condone Delay in Admission
Deduction Statement of Non-Gazzetted Officers (Form GIS - B)
Deduction Statement of Self Drawing Officers (Form GIS - B(1))
Application for TR 72 Certificate (for Self Drawing Officers) (Form GIS - D)
Application form for revival of Membership

Application for Payment (Form No. 3) - Retirement/Resignation/Dismissal
Request to Produce Application for Payment (Form No. 4) - Death
Application for Payment (Form No. 5) - Death
Indemnity Bond for Claim Settlement
Payment Register for DDOs
Proforma for Claim Settlement for Universities / Public Sector Undertaking

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